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      Jan 2012

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    09-11-2013, 03:00 PM

    [ Security ] Open Question : What is this ''get-user-id.js from ad.yieldmanager.com'' on Yahoo!?

    For the past week or so, there is a message that appears at the base of Yahoo! Answers pages asking me if I want to open or save ''get-user-id.js from ad.yieldmanager.com''. Has anyone else seen this and if so, what is that? What worries me is that if it is asking me if I want to open or save it, it is because it has already been downloaded on my computer without me doing anything. If that can help you figure what it is, I do not go on any ''sensitive'' or ''adult only'' websites and never click on ads. Serious answers from knowledgeable people, please. Thank you.


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